Website Creation

Do you need a new website created from scratch?  Choosing a designer can be a daunting business.

I try to make that easier for you, by providing you with a free, no-obligation, mock-up design before you commit.  That way, you can feel more confident that we’re on the same wavelength and that you’re going to be happy with my style.

Some designers are reluctant to offer a trial design, but I think that misses the point.  Of course you could ‘steal’ that front page mock-up and take it to another designer, but if you do, you are not stealing much of value.  For one thing, it is only a trial not a polished final product.  For another, if a designer is doing his or her job properly, far more hours go into building the site than just the look of the front page!

Below are examples of just some of the WordPress websites I have designed.

[metaslider id=88]

For most of my website designs, I use WordPress because it is the easiest for site owners to maintain themselves into the future.  However what platform I recommend will depend on what’s best for your needs:  for an online shop, for instance, it may be more appropriate to use an ecommerce platform like Prestashop or Shopify.