Website Rescue

webdesignI got started in website design because I was asked to “rescue” a website designed (badly!)  by someone else, and that has continued to be a major part of my business ever since.  You would be surprised how often that situation arises!

If you’re not technically minded, it’s easy to be fooled by a website design that looks stunning.  I’ve seen many people happily hand over money to a designer, thinking their site is complete – only to find that behind the scenes, things are a mess.   That may not even be evident until weeks or months later – by which time the designer has moved on, or may want exorbitant fees to fix a problem of their making.

That’s where I come in!   My expertise is in untangling the mess and setting up your site so it will go on working into the future.

It’s not always easy – in fact, fixing a site can be far more time-consuming than starting from scratch.  So in general, I charge the same fixed price for a “rescue” as I do for a new design.  Having said that, if you feel your issues are minor, please do contact me and give me some details of the problem, and I can give you a quote.