Website Renovations

If you’ve had your own website for a few years, chances are it’s looking a bit dated.  It’s likely it was designed in HTML – which means you’ve been going back to your designer every time you wanted to make the smallest change.

internet treeIf that describes your site, then there’s every possibility you could save money by having your site redesigned in a form you can manage yourself.    At the same time, you can give your site a fresh look – while preserving your existing content – and bring its features into the 21st century, improving its ranking in search engines and social media.

Renovating a site can take as much, if not more time than creating a website from scratch, so my fixed charge is usually the same as for a new build.

If you’re interested, contact me with the URL of your existing site, and I can give you a detailed proposal including a mockup of how your new site would look.