With this travel guide to Venice we want to help you prepare your trip to the city of canals, one of the most visited and famous cities in Italy, which we met several years ago and to which we were looking forward to returning.

Known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world and of course for its canals, Venice is the perfect destination for a few-day getaway, where walking and relaxing is the main objective. And, although there are many places to see in Venice, the main attraction of the city is to travel and get lost in its streets and canals.

If Venice has been your choice, get ready to enjoy one of the most incredible and unforgettable cities in the world!

After having made a trip to Venice several years ago, in the month of November, we now return to this impressive city, in order to meet again with it, again in a time when time probably does not accompany us so much, although in the low season, something we hope is perfect to move around the city with more tranquility, touring the most emblematic places.

With this new getaway, we want to expand the travel guide to Venice, in the most complete way, trying to make planning easier and above all, trying to capture all the data extracted from our experience.

When to travel to Venice

Given its climate, we could say that any time is good to make a trip to Venice, although certain details must be taken into account to fully enjoy this amazing city.

With benign winters and very hot summers, the months prior to these dates, which include spring and autumn, would be the perfect times to get to know the city, taking into account that from October, the rains are usually habitual and you could find yourself with «Acqua Alta», a natural phenomenon that causes the tide to rise and floods a large part of the lower areas of the city, making in some cases very difficult to move around the most tourist areas of Venice.

Of course, remember that in February the famous Carnival of Venice is celebrated, an incredible moment to visit the city, but at the same time, at which time it is difficult to visit its best known attractions in addition to the high prices.

Similarly, it is worth assessing the large influx of tourism if you want to travel in the central months of the year, June, July and August, since in addition to being the hottest of the year, they are usually the months that most tourists receive the city , with what this represents to make the visits and walk.

We on this occasion have decided to frame our trip to Venice in the month of February, a few weeks before the carnival, crossing our fingers so that the good weather accompanies us and the low season allows us to enjoy again the infinity of things to see and do in Venice we have planned.

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