This trip to New Zealand in 36 days will take us to know the White Cloud Country and enter one of the most incredible destinations and dreamed by travelers.

Relatively small, New Zealand has a population of just over four million inhabitants, something that also makes it a sparsely populated country, in which its greatest attraction is in the diversity of landscapes it has, which make any trip to New Zealand , in a unique and unforgettable moment.

In addition to this incredible variety of landscapes, including incredible lakes, forests, mountains, endless beaches and epic fjords, New Zealand highlights the ease of travel, whatever your condition.

Ride it on wheels

Extremely prepared to ride it on wheels, we cannot forget that it is one of the best motorhome trips in the world, New Zealand is also known for being a quiet country, in which everything works correctly and in which security is the main protagonist.

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Before you start planning the trip to New Zealand it is important to know some very basic data, such as that this is formed by two main islands; the North Island and the South Island, populated in its beginnings by Maori for later, in the year 1840 to become British colony until the year 1907, in which New Zealand returned to be independent.

Although we could say that any time is perfect for a trip to New Zealand, it is necessary to know that due to its geographical location, the stations are inverted to those of Spain. That is, the hottest months in New Zealand are January and February, while the coldest are between the months of June and July.

Apart from this aspect, it is also appropriate to determine what kind of activities you want to do at the destination, since according to these, there will be a more appropriate time than another to make the trip to New Zealand.

– High season (December-February): The high season in New Zealand coincides with the summer months, in which good weather and sun are the main protagonists. Keep in mind that this also triggers prices, both for accommodation such as car rental or motorhome rental and the places to see in New Zealand are usually much more frequented.

– Mid season (March-April, September-November): The middle season in New Zealand includes the seasons of spring and autumn, when the weather is usually stable and benign and the typical colors of these times of the year, stain the most characteristic landscapes from the country.


Although the prices are lower than in high season, lately these have not very significant drops, so it is worth reserving in advance the accommodation, the car or the motorhome.

The best thing about planning a trip to New Zealand at this time in addition to time, is the possibility of seeing the places of interest without much tourism, something that in New Zealand is a real privilege.

– Low season (May-August): Winter and cold begins in New Zealand. Depending on the type of trip or activities you want to do, this may be the best time to travel to New Zealand. Much tighter prices, few people and more extreme landscapes.

Despite all the above, something important is to know that in New Zealand the weather is usually unpredictable, being able to find the 4 seasons of the year in a single day. With this in mind, it is worth having an extra day or a plan B on your trip to New Zealand to adapt to the weather in case this is not expected or ideal for any activity.

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