A Dance with Danger

published by Wild Rose Press

Gina Williams is a dancer, but she grew up in a circus family, doing backflips and juggling knives. When she meets Russian businessman Nick Rostov and his reclusive brother Alex, she discovers that juggling love can be even more dangerous…

“A rollicking read from the Greek islands through Italy, England and Australia with a high-flying heroine”

The story of

Marisa Wright

Scottish by birth, Australian by choice, Marisa’s love of dance was sparked at the age of three by a performance of La Fille Mal Gardée by the Royal Ballet. When childhood illness thwarted her dreams of a ballet career, she turned her creativity to writing, finishing her first novel by the age of 17 (the grainy photo gives a clue how long ago that was — Marisa is the one in the blue headband).

As her health improved, dance again took centre stage in her life. In recent years, she has returned to her typewriter (or rather, her laptop) to revive her love of writing.

My next project!

In the roaring twenties…

For a young woman in 1924, getting married means surrendering everything—her rights, her property, her body—to a man. With no money and no skills, Fiona Cameron seems to have no other option. Until fate steps in, in the shape of Ralph, son of the wealthy Kendrick family and gentleman spy.